Shop Cat Quarantine

I’m hearing lots of talk in the human world about self-isolation… a topic us cats know a bit about. Apparently toilet paper is being purchased in mass amounts by some humans too. I reckon those humans must really love their cats to be purchasing them so many toys.  Hopefully, their grateful felines make quick work of shredding their supplies to bits.

I plan to use my quarantine wisely by wandering around aimlessly, jumping into random boxes and making sure that uninformed mice don’t make their way into my sanctuary.  With fewer humans at my shop, this will be the perfect time to go around to each office chair and test my potential new thrones for comfort. Come to think of it, there’s even one of those ergonomic bouncy ball chairs that I’ve been meaning to sink my claws into.  

I fully intend to maintain appropriate social-distancing from my humans, unless of course, one of them has a brush in their hands…  or possibly, a bag of treats.

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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