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Is your overhead Crane broken down? Overhead Crane Solutions is always there when you need us. With 24/7, 365 on-call service, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you. We will be there in 3 hours or you get the first 3 hours for free.

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Hook Cracks

How does your Hook Look?

NDT HOOK INSPECTION The NDT, or (non-destructive testing) inspection process uses magnetic particles to reveal surface cracks in the structure of the crane hook by creating a mini magnetic field and then seeing how dusted iron powder reacts to the ferrous metals in the hook. So in addition to the careful inspection of your crane hook, we can tell you if there are flaws on your hook that are invisible to even the most trained eye. Overhead Crane Solutions can perform up to Level III NDT Hook Inspections using this in-depth process. Our crane inspectors are expertly trained and have

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Radio Control

Radio Control Upgrade

Improve crane safety, increase production: radio controls for equipment offer operators all these benefits and more across a range of applications. Not only can radio controls free operators from the confines of a cab, but it also frees an operator form control cables as well. Radio Controls mean operators can work aways from loads thus creating a safer working environment, reducing the risk of injury when loads are being moved. Radio controls also offer operators a wider view of the work area, as they have the ability to walk around and view the load from various angles and vantage points

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Crane Retrofits

Retrofits are an easy and economical way to modernize your overhead cranes with new features and technologies. Retrofits can increase the ease of use and safety with improved controls, and safety components. LED lighting upgrades The led lighting upgrade is one of the most inexpensive, and quickest way to make your crane safer while cutting energy usage by at least 60% LED lights are more focused which, in turn, cause the operator to less likely to be blinded when looking at the load.

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Below The Hook

Overhead Crane Solutions manufacture custom-built below the hook lifting attachments, that are designed specifically to suit your unique lifting requirements. Overhead Crane Solutions has been manufacturing engineered lifting systems in Edmonton, Alberta for many years and has designed both standard lifting beams and one hundred percent original overhead crane lifting devices for companies of all sizes in all industries. ​ Crane hoists and lifting devices are arranged in the following groups because of the diversity of types: Custom Engineered Lifting Devices Vacuum Lift Equipment Spreader Beams Remote Control Lifting Magnets Durable C Hook Lifters For Steel Rolls Load Beams Overhead Crane Solutions takes the time to understand your product

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Welding and Fabrication

Our full-service CWB approved 13,000 sq/ft welding and fabrication facility with 2 overhead cranes, and 2 acres of yard space along with our experienced welding fabricators allow us to competitively price a wide range of specialty welding and fabrication projects for new and existing clientele. Our staff will work with you to meet deadlines and ensure that your welding and fabrication quality isn’t compromised. At Overhead Crane Solutions no job is too small.

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Mill Crane

What Clients are Saying

I am writing to recommend the service of Overhead Crane Solutions. Overhead Crane Solutions has been involved with maintenance and repairs of our mill cranes. REpairs including but not limited to: wire rope change, trolley/bridge wheels replacement, motor/gearbox replacement. Overhead Crane Solutions successfully completed all jobs while committing to high safety standards. At times, they provide proactive solutions for reducing crane delays. Overhead Crane Solutions have also successfully worked with our crews to finish the jobs. They have shown strong commitment by supporting us in times of breakdowns/extended shutdowns. Plant Engineer, Alta Steel

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Overhead Bridge Cranes

At Overhead Crane Solutions, our engineers take great pride in their ability to provide our clients with the crane that best meets the requirements of their application. We can provide advice on the features and benefits and will quote sensible options from which to choose. To find the right crane, decisions must be made about speed, capacity, lift, and options that will make it the best possible fit for your project. Many times, it takes only a small modification of a standard configuration to make a great improvement on the crane’s performance for a particular job.

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