Welding and Fabrication

Our full-service CWB approved 13,000 sq/ft welding and fabrication facility with 2 overhead cranes, and 2 acres of yard space along with our experienced welding fabricators allow us to competitively price a wide range of specialty welding and fabrication projects for new and existing clientele. Our staff will work with you to meet deadlines and ensure that your welding and fabrication quality isn’t compromised. At Overhead Crane Solutions no job is too small.

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Mill Crane

What Clients are Saying

I am writing to recommend the service of Overhead Crane Solutions. Overhead Crane Solutions has been involved with maintenance and repairs of our mill cranes. REpairs including but not limited to: wire rope change, trolley/bridge wheels replacement, motor/gearbox replacement. Overhead Crane Solutions successfully completed all jobs while committing to high safety standards. At times, they provide proactive solutions for reducing crane delays. Overhead Crane Solutions have also successfully worked with our crews to finish the jobs. They have shown strong commitment by supporting us in times of breakdowns/extended shutdowns. Plant Engineer, Alta Steel

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Overhead Bridge Cranes

At Overhead Crane Solutions, our engineers take great pride in their ability to provide our clients with the crane that best meets the requirements of their application. We can provide advice on the features and benefits and will quote sensible options from which to choose. To find the right crane, decisions must be made about speed, capacity, lift, and options that will make it the best possible fit for your project. Many times, it takes only a small modification of a standard configuration to make a great improvement on the crane’s performance for a particular job.

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Chain Falls, Lever Blocks

Overhead Crane Solutions are fully qualified to service, repair, and certify your equipment. Upon completion of service or inspection, we will load test the tool and provide a certificate of performance. When Overhead Crane Solutions certifies equipment, you can rest assured it is safe for use.

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Overhead Crane Training

Overhead Crane Solutions has developed an extensive overhead crane operator safety training program. Our program was developed based on the requirements of CSA B167. It covers legislated and other requirements in Alberta, identifying cranes and their components, pre-operational requirements, general rigging requirements, site-specific training requirements, supervisor training and responsibility, and written and practical exam.

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Load Testing

Overhead Crane Solutions can provide load testing on new or used equipment with use of our certified test weights and rigging. Overhead Crane Solution calibrated all load cells annually to ensure the weights of loads are accurate and that all limits and safety devices are functioning safely. You will receive a detailed load test report with all findings and any follow-up recommendations. You can be assured that that with our load test certificate means your overhead crane is safe to lift what it is rated for.

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Overhead Crane Inspections

Overhead Crane Solutions has developed an inspection program that is detailed, thorough, and straightforward. Some of the current programs in the industry are confusing, with numerical ratings, charts, and graphs. Our system is designed to get the point “what condition is my crane in?”. Whatever position is held within your company, be it management or a worker on the floor, our inspections reports are easily understood within seconds of reviewing them.

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Part Sales

Overhead Crane Solutions have developed a working relationship with all manufacturers and their distributors. This has given us a competitive edge in parts sales. Our low mark up gives our clients the best value for their hard-earned money

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Preventative Maintenance

Every person around the globe wants to return home safely after shift. Regardless of where you’re employed – from steel mills and car assembly plants to paper mills – workplace safety is imperative. Workplace incidents can cause devastating injuries and fatalities. The cost of lost production time is often staggering. A properly maintained crane under the control of a well-trained operator helps create a safe and more productive work environment. A preventive maintenance program is crucial to maximizing safety, however, there are several other things to consider when looking to maximize safety. The addition of safety technologies can make crane

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