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Davit Crane

We installed several davit cranes and hoists for a local LRT billion-dollar project.  Not only was this project completed on time and within budget, but more importantly, it was injury- and incident-free. 

Overhead Crane Solutions

Overhead Crane Solutions

Our Mission is to remain responsive to customers’ needs and to maintain a leading role in the industry by meeting and exceeding industry standards and expectations.

Welder verification


BENEFITS & REQUIREMENTS As a general rule, MIG/MAG, manual metal arc welding, and WIG systems can be calibrated. Metal-processing companies certified to a standard are required to calibrate their welding equipment on a regular basis. The standards covered here include the ISO 9000 series as well as EN ISO 3834-2, which set out the principles […]

Welder verification


The process of calibrating welding systems involves them being connected to a calibration station to have their voltage, amperage, and wire feed speed measured. The calibration software analyzes the values recorded for your welding systems and compares them against the standard specifications in order to identify the discrepancy between the two. This result must fall […]

After hours

Overhead Crane Solutions

24/7 on-call emergency assistance. Overhead Crane Solutions is always there when you need us. With 24/7, 365 days per year on-call service, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you.  Our service trucks come fully equipped.


Burnt receiver and pendant

Public service announcement: With the cold weather upon us, Overhead Crane Solutions reminds you not to park your overhead cranes under radiant heaters.

Rail Problems

Rail Problem

An overhead crane that is out of alignment and skewing as it travels down the runway can cause significant stress and damage to the entire crane system. The problem with a crane that isn’t tracking properly is that, over time, forces that weren’t accounted for in the design and installation of the overhead crane cause […]


Overhead Crane Solutions

At Overhead Crane Solutions, it is our goal and commitment to provide and maintain an injury and accident-free workplace. Having completed an extensive in-house health and safety program and undergone extensive external auditing, we proudly hold a valid Certificate of Recognition

Overhead Crane Solutions

Overhead Crane

Overhead Crane Solutions is made up of the best professionals in the industry. All Overhead Crane Solutions employees have a significant amount of expertise in their field with years of experience working for you.  From a 200 Tonne overhead crane turnkey package to a broken safety latch, Overhead Crane Solutions has the resources to handle […]


Found on inspections

Overhead Crane Solutions has developed an inspections program that is straightforward. Some of the current programs in the industry are confusing, with numerical ratings, charts, and graphs. Our system is designed to get to the point, “what condition is my crane in?” Whatever the position held within your company, be it management or a worker […]