New Hire

Overhead Crane Solutions have hired a new “Shop Cat” Cooper McGee. Shop Cat or the “Hantavirus Controller” is in charge of protecting our shop from mice and other critters. When he is not working, Shop Cat likes his brushes, naps, and jumping on keyboards. Thank you, Shop Cat, for your service.

Overhead Crane Training

Overhead Crane Solutions has developed an extensive overhead crane operator safety training program. Our program was developed based on the requirements of CSA B167. It covers legislated and other requirements, identifying cranes and their components, pre-operational requirements, operational requirements, post-operating requirements, general rigging requirements, site-specific training requirements, supervisor training and responsibility, and a written and […]

RIP Shop Cat

It is with a heavy heart we have to announce the death of Shop Cat. The old guy died in his cat bed in his sleep. Thank you for your service Shop Cat

Community Involvement

fire pit

When the Glastonbury Community League came asking for help we could not say no.  The GCL wanted some fire pits built to help make the community league outdoor rink a more engaging.  By providing several fire pits, it will be easier to maintain social distance. Families/cohorts will have an opportunity to enjoy a hot dog […]

Load Testing

Did you know that your overhead crane needs to be load tested? Overhead Crane Solutions can provide load testing on new or used equipment with certified test weights and rigging. Our calibrated load scales ensure weights of loads are accurate and that all limits and safety devices are functioning properly. You will receive a detailed […]

Got Downtime?

Damaged Gear

Overhead Crane Solutions can develop a customized preventative maintenance program that will ensure your cranes operate with minimal downtime. Overhead Crane Solutions are able to audit and revamp existing preventative maintenance programs and train personnel so they can be better informed of what is needed to certify lifting equipment. OH&S required that all personnel who […]

There in 3, or 3 for free!

Is your overhead Crane broken down? Overhead Crane Solutions is always there when you need us. With 24/7, 365 on-call service, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you. We will be there in 3 hours or you get the first 3 hours for free.

How does your Hook Look?

Hook Cracks

NDT HOOK INSPECTION The NDT, or (non-destructive testing) inspection process uses magnetic particles to reveal surface cracks in the structure of the crane hook by creating a mini magnetic field and then seeing how dusted iron powder reacts to the ferrous metals in the hook. So in addition to the careful inspection of your crane […]

Radio Control Upgrade

Radio Control

Improve crane safety, increase production: radio controls for equipment offer operators all these benefits and more across a range of applications. Not only can radio controls free operators from the confines of a cab, but it also frees an operator form control cables as well. Radio Controls mean operators can work aways from loads thus […]

Crane Retrofits

Retrofits are an easy and economical way to modernize your overhead cranes with new features and technologies. Retrofits can increase the ease of use and safety with improved controls, and safety components. LED lighting upgrades The led lighting upgrade is one of the most inexpensive, and quickest way to make your crane safer while cutting […]