Another crane ready for install

Another crane ready for install.  Our welding and fabrication crew put quality above quantity. Overhead Crane Solutions takes the time to understand your product and your process in order to design, then manufacture the lifting equipment that actually works for you. No one wants to make an investment into equipment that isn’t going to improve […]

Custom Welding & Fabrication

Our full-service CWB approved 13,000 sq/ft welding and fabrication facility with 2 overhead cranes, and 2 acres of yard space along with our experienced welding fabricators allow us to competitively price a wide range of specialty welding and fabrication projects for new and existing clientele. Our staff will work with you to meet deadlines and ensure […]

Labour Day Long Weekend

Overhead Crane Solutions offices will be closed for the long week, but don’t fret our on-call 24/7 emergency service is available for you.  Overhead Crane Solutions there when you need us. 780 482 7263 our answering service will patch you through to a technician

Under promising Over Delivering

At Overhead Crane Solutions, our mission is to be the trusted partner that meets the material handling needs of our customers and offers solutions that ultimately add value to your production process and reduce risk through all stages of the life of the equipment. We are committed to delivering results that help you gain a competitive […]

Below the Hook Lifting Attachments

Overhead Crane Solutions manufacture custom-built below the hook lifting attachments, that are designed specifically to suit your unique lifting requirements. Overhead Crane Solutions has been manufacturing engineered lifting systems in Edmonton, Alberta for many years and have designed both standard lifting beams and one hundred percent original overhead crane lifting devices for companies of all sizes in all industries. ​ Crane hoists and lifting […]

Preventive Crane Maintenance

By scheduling routine crane repairs, maintenance work, and inspections, Overhead Crane Solution will help prevent uncontrolled breakdowns are avoided. Please Note! Our preventative crane maintenance services are customized to focus on your specific crane, hoist and of course your business needs. This helps to minimize downtime inconveniences and means that we will not undertake any unnecessary crane […]

Overhead Crane Service

Overhead Crane Solution plays great importance on providing quick response and personal attention for your cranes so that work proceeds in your company with minimum disruption and loss. It is a requirement of the Alberta Standards that cranes be serviced annually and Overhead Crane Solutions follows these Standards. In the process we offer a thorough […]

Overhead Crane Inspections


Not every crane inspection is created equal. Annual inspections are a legal requirement under Alberta Health and Safety Act, but for crane equipment that’s critical to your production and profitability, the importance of an inspection goes beyond simple compliance. We’ve set up our crane inspection programs to meet the needs of our diverse customers. For those […]

The Importance of Calibrating Your Welding Machine

Welder Calibrating

To ensure that your welding machine is operating at the appropriate levels it is important to have it calibrated and certified.  Calibrating your welding machine involves going through the meters on your welding machine and adjusting them until they meet the specifications set forth by the manufacturer.  Once you have had your welding machine calibrated […]

Crane Alignment Issues

An overhead crane that is out of alignment and skewing as it travels down the runway can cause significant stresses and damages to the entire crane system. The problem with a crane that isn’t tracking properly is that over time, forces that weren’t accounted for in the design and installation of the overhead crane cause stresses […]