Overhead Crane Service

Overhead Crane Solution plays great importance on providing quick response and personal attention for your cranes so that work proceeds in your company with minimum disruption and loss. It is a requirement of the Alberta Standards that cranes be serviced annually and Overhead Crane Solutions follows these Standards. In the process we offer a thorough […]

Overhead Crane Inspections


Not every crane inspection is created equal. Annual inspections are a legal requirement under Alberta Health and Safety Act, but for crane equipment that’s critical to your production and profitability, the importance of an inspection goes beyond simple compliance. We’ve set up our crane inspection programs to meet the needs of our diverse customers. For those […]

The Importance of Calibrating Your Welding Machine

Welder Calibrating

To ensure that your welding machine is operating at the appropriate levels it is important to have it calibrated and certified.  Calibrating your welding machine involves going through the meters on your welding machine and adjusting them until they meet the specifications set forth by the manufacturer.  Once you have had your welding machine calibrated […]

Crane Alignment Issues

An overhead crane that is out of alignment and skewing as it travels down the runway can cause significant stresses and damages to the entire crane system. The problem with a crane that isn’t tracking properly is that over time, forces that weren’t accounted for in the design and installation of the overhead crane cause stresses […]

Overhead Crane Load Testing

Did you know your crane needs to be load tested? Load testing is required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and you need to have a copy of the load test certificate available for all operators and OH&S officers at any time.  Load testing is also required after any modification done to the structure […]

Overhead Crane Safety Training

Overhead Crane Solutions service vehicles

The following are the details of our Overhead Crane Safety Training course. The cost is $250.00 per student, with a minimum of six students, and a maximum of ten. The course runs anywhere from 8-10 hours in length, depending on student experience and participation within the class. If extra time is required (I.e.: for students […]

Overhead Crane Training and why is it important

Overhead crane in warehouse

A crane operator is responsible for maneuvering heavy equipment often working without assistance while he is going about his job. Crane operator training is an important part of any company’s overall training program.  Proper training can help reduce the number and severity of crane accidents, which were once considered a cost of doing business in the construction […]

Problems with Push Button and Radio Controls

Although not very common, there are environments that create their own radio waves that may interfere with the operation of an overhead crane. An example might be a facility that performs induction heating or induction welding procedures. Radio waves created during these processes may disrupt the communication between the radio’s transmitter and receiver. On pendant […]

Bent and Damaged Hooks

Crane in previous Edmonton warehouse.

A hook is designed to hold a load in a particular and precise direction. When the weight is not supported as intended by the hook, it compromises the internal integrity of the hook and will increase the chance of it bending, stretching, or cracking. Then load can also slip off the hook if it stretches […]

Regular Service and Maintenance

Crane powerbar

When you purchase a crane you should receive an owners manual and a maintenance interval book from your crane manufacturer. The manufacturers’ service recommendations are provided based on the duty cycle of your specific crane, so follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for crane and hoist maintenance, as well as lubrication and inspection intervals.