Flower Pot Holder

Flower Pot Holder

We asked our fabrication shop manager to fabricate a flower pot holder to help our front door become more welcoming.  I guess when you have cranes on the brain, the outcome should be predictable. I think it turned out just perfect.  What do you think?

Stacker Cranes

Stacker–cranes are designed for the automated storage and retrieval of unit loads in high-bay warehouses. … The stacker-crane is an “electromechanical system” made of a lifting device, the elevator, and a handling device, the telescopic forks.

Portable Monorails

Four more Aluminium portable monorail ready to ship.  The engineered portable monorails are used with scaffolding to pull hard-to-lift valves and pumps.   Do you have a hard-to-lift application, give us a call because we have the solutions for you.

Crane Modernization


From automotive production facilities to power generation plants, cranes are used day in and day out to keep businesses running. A complete crane modernization can extend the life of an existing overhead crane while making it more efficient, productive, and safer.  To ensure the highest levels of safety and productivity while meeting changing business demands, […]

Are your inspections due?

Overhead Crane Solutions has developed an inspection program that is detailed, thorough, and straightforward. Some current programs in the industry are confusing, with numerical ratings, charts, and graphs. Our system is designed to get to the point “what condition is my crane in?”. Whatever position is held within your company, be it management or a […]

Overhead Crane Solutions

Overhead Crane Solutions is made up of the best professionals in the industry. All Overhead Crane Solutions employees have a significant amount of expertise in their field with “years of experience working for you.” From a 200 Tonne overhead crane package to a broken emergency stop, Overhead Crane Solutions has the resources to handle it.  […]

We do that too


Our full-service CWB approved 13,000 sq/ft welding and fabrication facility with 2 overhead cranes and 2 acres of yard space, along with our experienced welding fabricators, allow us to competitively price a wide range of specialty welding and fabrication projects for new and existing clientele. Our staff will work with you to meet deadlines and ensure […]

Crane Down, Crane Down

Do you have a broken-down overhead crane? Overhead Crane Solutions can repair all mechanical, electrical, and structural aspects of your lifting equipment. Overhead Crane Solutions will scope the job if needed, order all necessary parts, set up a safe work plan, and acquire all necessary permits and safety equipment to complete the project in a […]

On-Call Service

Service vehicle with lift

Overhead Crane Solutions is always there when you need us. With 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a week year on-call service, you can rest easy knowing that we will be there for you. Our service trucks come fully equipped.


What does my logbook need?  Here is what OH&S is going to what to see. (From OH&S Part 6 Subsection 65(a and b)) Subsection 65(2) Because the information in the logbook can be critical during a lifting operation, it is important that the logbook (a) be readily available to an occupational health and safety officer […]