Shop Cat Chronicles

Tuesday, March 24th, 04:00 hrs

The hours are long at the shop… hardly a soul around these days.  Just how I like it…most of the time. After ensuring no mice have breached the shop perimeter, I grab a bite to eat.  On today’s menu, crunchies that are supposed to taste like chicken. Between you and I, I wouldn’t know otherwise- I have yet to run across a chicken in real life.  I saunter over to Jim’s desk to make sure it’s still there. Affirmative. Next is the Bookkeeper’s desk. She is currently working from home. After stepping on the keyboard, the screen lights up and I spy something ghastly as her screen saver.   It’s another feline- stealing her affections while she works! This, clearly, is unacceptable. Who is this mysterious cat? And what is its business with the bookkeeper? Is this-gulp- a replacement shop cat, or almost worse, a companion for me?!

Shop Cat not happy

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