Problems with Push Button and Radio Controls

Although not very common, there are environments that create their own radio waves that may interfere with the operation of an overhead crane. An example might be a facility that performs induction heating or induction welding procedures. Radio waves created during these processes may disrupt the communication between the radio’s transmitter and receiver.

On pendant controls and radio controls, the push buttons or levers may stick or become unresponsive over time. The control may need to be replaced or repaired to correct any issues with the operation of the buttons.

You may also find that pendant controls can become disconnected or pulled out of the hoist. The reason that this can occur is that the operator pulls on the pendant to maneuver or position the crane—especially on jib cranes or workstation cranes. If your controls become unresponsive, you may need to check to see if the pendant became disconnected from the hoist, or have the system serviced and re-wired if any wires become loose.

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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