Preventative Maintenance

Every person around the globe wants to return home safely after shift. Regardless of where you’re employed – from steel mills and car assembly plants to paper mills – workplace safety is imperative.
Workplace incidents can cause devastating injuries and fatalities. The cost of lost production time is often staggering. A properly maintained crane under the control of a well-trained operator helps create a safe and more productive work environment.
A preventive maintenance program is crucial to maximizing safety, however, there are several other things to consider when looking to maximize safety. The addition of safety technologies can make crane operations safer for both people and equipment, and inspections and advanced services can help uncover dangerous situations before they become problems, and addressed them quickly.

The steps taken to increase the safety of your operations will also help increase your productivity. By controlling loads with a VFD allows crane operators to focus more of their attention on placing loads as quickly and accurately as possible. Additionally, a remote control crane helps keep the operator out of the line of fire. This increases safety and reduces downtime.

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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