Kito and Overhead Crane Solutions Come together

Overhead Crane Solutions is proud to be Kito Canada’s master distributor. Kito’s story begins near Tokyo, Japan in 1932 when Miyoshi Kito, an independent-thinking, die-hard engineer, opened his own manufacturing factory.  From those early years until today, Kito Corporation has been continuously involved in the development, production and sales of world-leading hoists, cranes and accessories.  One secret behind Kito’s success is their in house chain technology.  They produce more than 150 chain types using their own automatic chain-making equipment, with a production capacity that exceeds 3,000 kms per year.  Kito’s unique steel composition optimizes ductility, tensile strength and corrosion resistance while also being remarkably lightweight.  This not only makes Kito chain stronger and more durable; its smaller links also allow them to reduce the hoist size and weight without sacrificing an ounce of performance or safety.

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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