Damage to wire rope

Wire rope
Wire rope

Damage or degradation to wire rope is one of the most common issues that you may experience with an overhead crane system. There are a number of common wire rope problem, including any of the following:

  • The wire rope has jumped out of the reeving system
  • Reduction of rope diameter below nominal – loss of core support, internal or external corrosion, wear of outside wires
  • Broken or worn outside wires
  • Corroded or broken wires at end connections

Severe kinking, crushing, cutting

Many operating conditions can affect the life of wire rope. Bending, stresses, loading conditions, speed of load application (shock load), abrasion, corrosion, sling design, materials handled, environmental conditions (heat or chemical exposure), lubrication, and history of usage will all factor into how long wire rope can stay in service.

The best way to prevent damage to, or failure of, a wire rope is to inspect it prior to each shift. If any evidence of damage is observed, the wire rope should be properly disposed of to prevent further usage.

Also, make sure that the wire rope is properly lubricated. Proper lubrication of the wire rope has two primary benefits:

  1. Reduces friction as the individual wires move over each other
  2. Provides corrosion protection and lubrication in the core, inside wires, and outside surface

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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