Below The Hook

Overhead Crane Solutions manufacture custom-built below the hook lifting attachments, that are designed specifically to suit your unique lifting requirements. Overhead Crane Solutions has been manufacturing engineered lifting systems in Edmonton, Alberta for many years and has designed both standard lifting beams and one hundred percent original overhead crane lifting devices for companies of all sizes in all industries. ​

Crane hoists and lifting devices are arranged in the following groups because of the diversity of types:

  1. Custom Engineered Lifting Devices
  2. Vacuum Lift Equipment
  3. Spreader Beams
  4. Remote Control Lifting Magnets
  5. Durable C Hook Lifters For Steel Rolls
  6. Load Beams

Overhead Crane Solutions takes the time to understand your product and your process in order to design, then manufacture your lifting equipment that actually works. No one wants to make an investment into equipment that isn’t going to improve safety, efficiency, and production. This is why we invest the time into your company before we expect you to invest in our vast knowledge of overhead lifting equipment.  Feel free to give us a call or complete the contact form in order to tell us a little bit about your company, product, and lifting problems. We will review your request and be sure to have an expert get in touch with you right away. In most cases we’ll have a few standard overhead lifting devices to select from; however, if you’re application is very unique then we will have our creative engineering department design the perfect solution.

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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