Overhead Crane Inspections


Not every crane inspection is created equal. Annual inspections are a legal requirement under Alberta Health and Safety Act, but for crane equipment that’s critical to your production and profitability, the importance of an inspection goes beyond simple compliance.

We’ve set up our crane inspection programs to meet the needs of our diverse customers. For those with light-duty, periodic use material handling equipment, annual visual inspections are the best option. Once you increase the duty cycle and capacity of your crane and its importance to your business, it’s best to increase the level of inspection. For the most critical cranes, it’s recommended to include inspections in a custom preventive maintenance program. What makes us better than the rest


Overhead Crane Solutions inspectors are our most senior technicians. They receive regular training and we keep all training records on the cloud easily accessible. 


Every field is filled out on the report because it is customized to your equipment and application.


We send your report as a PDF, paper copy, and keep a copy ourselves. No hand written inspection forms that are grease and coffee stained.


Schedule your inspection in advance. Your report will usually be done the same day


Easily access information in your report and from the labels we affix to your equipment. We keep a complete component history.


We work with you to ensure any deficiencies revealed by the inspection are addressed in a way that meets your needs.

– Overhead Crane Solutions Inc.

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